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What is a PHOTO BOOTH?

Photo Booths are portable, self-service booths that allow your guests to loosen up a bit and take fun photos on site. Best of all, the photos are printed instantly.

We offer different layouts and with or without logo and/or event information printed on the strip. We even have double prints so you can put one print in a memory book and guests can take the other print home.

Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit is non-refundable within 7 business days of your reservation.

Our event is on the second floor and the passenger elevator is quite small, can we still rent a photo booth?

Our event photo booths are designed for portability, we deliver the booth in smaller sections and then our on-site attendant will set it up and stay for the duration of your event.

What are the dimensions of your photo booths?

The overall height of both the traditional and open design photo booth is 8′ tall. The booth is approximately 7’x7’ wide, so we recommend making sure there is a few feet on every side for comfortable operation.

Do you have advice on where to plan on placing the booth?

We recommend that you try and position the photo booth as close to the action as possible. If it’s in a neighboring room or not in the line of traffic, it usually gets used less by you or your guests.. Our photo technicians will locate the booth in the best possible location to optimize lighting and guest traffic.

Does the photo booth need any special power hookup?

The photo booth requires a regular household AC power. 120V AC and about 5Amp to operate. For an outdoor photo booth we can connect to an external brushless generator with the same power amps required.

Is the photo booth easy to use?

Absolutely. Our 22” touchscreen is extremely simple and ensures a hassle free experience for you and your guests.

Do you provide props?

Yep. For every booth rental we will provide high quality, entertaining props for the guests for $50 to cover the cost of always having the best new props for our clients

Is there a limit to the number of photos we can take?

No. Take as many photos as you like for the duration you reserve the booth. Usually, you will be able to take about 40-50 images per hour because that’s as fast as people can move in and out of the booth. Our system is built for speed and printing happens in a snap.

How good is the quality on your pictures?

We use high quality professional printers using the best dye-sublimation technology. We print on quality paper that is photo lab quality.

What happens if the booth stops working?

Typically, our photo booths maintain a 100% up-time for you and your guests. From time to time, we need to do routine maintenance (restocking paper, etc). You will have a professional technician from Photo Cube Inc. present during the entire rental period to help your guests operate and enjoy their photo booth experience.

Can we have our guests create a memory book/album?

Yes! We ask you to provide us with the memory book, pages, glue, and any markers you want your guests to be able to draw with. We’ll take care of guiding your guests to the book and compiling a special keepsake.

Do we have to wait for the photo prints to come out before taking another one?

No, you just keep jumping back in with your friends or colleagues and touch the screen. The photo booth will keep up with you.

Can we have a special message displayed on our photo strips?

Absolutely. We have a graphic artist who crafts each footer by hand to match the theme and design of your event.

Can we choose color or B&W prints?

Yes. You are free to choose from Color or B&W before the start of your event. All pictures will be saved in color and can be reprinted in either Color or B&W at a later time.